Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most natural way to deliver hormones in both men and women.

With a Comprehensive consultation at your first visit, Dr. Bolton spends up to an hour consulting with patients during their initial visit, reviewing  medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, lab results and how life has changed since the symptoms began. With this information, Dr. Bolton works closely with each patient to develop a treatment plan that fits their unique lifestyle and incorporates therapies that allow the body to heal itself, such as detoxification, nutrition, and stress management techniques, as well as state-of-the-art therapies to restore optimal function, like platelet-rich plasma therapy and IV therapy.

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As we age there is a natural decrease in sex hormone production. For men, the primary issue is related to testosterone levels.

For women, as they approach Menopause, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone levels can all be affected. As these hormones decline, the result is a variety of symptoms.

Men can begin to notice poor energy levels, moodiness, decreased muscle mass, weight problems and decreased libido or low sex drive. Women may experience hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, vaginal dryness, decreased libido or low sex drive as well as decreased bone density.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Options

Every patient’s medical history and symptoms are reviewed to tailor their treatment plan. Together we decide on which therapy option fits your lifestyle best.

Creams & Gels

These topical treatments must be applied daily and are absorbed through the skin transdermally. They can be a good option for certain patients, to provide a safe method of HRT,

Hormone Replacement Patches

With hormone replacement patches, treatment is absorbed through the skin much like with a topical cream or gel. Patches are placed 1-2 times per week and like creams and gels are a convenient safe method of HRT.

Oral Hormone Therapy

This common form of hormone replacement allows the hormone to be orally ingested on a daily basis. This is the least preferred method as the orally ingested tablets are affected by digestion and the first pass effect of liver metabolism.

Pellet Therapy for Women

Pellet therapy is the preferred delivery method among patients and physicians due to its vast benefits and safety features. For women, pellet therapy has transformed testosterone supplementation, offering all of the benefits—increased libido, weight loss, more energy—without the risky side effects of traditional delivery methods.Unlike traditional delivery methods, pellet therapy eliminates dosing hassles and risks. Pellets are inserted during a short, in-office and deliver a steady dose of hormone over the course of three to five months. During the treatment cycle, the body slowly metabolizes the pellet releasing a steady dose of hormone in much the same manner as the human body secretes hormones naturally. This delivery system avoids the pitfalls of traditional methods, such as missed doses with pills or injections and transference with gels and creams.

*Pellet insertion fees and transdermal prescriptions maybe covered by some insurances

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