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Maximum Wellness MD

Maximum Wellness MD

Maximum Wellness MD believes in positive, long-lasting relationships with our patients. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of care through personal and individualized treatment regimens for our patients during all stages of their lives.

Dr. Gregory C. Bolton, Jr.

Gregory C. Bolton, Jr., M.D., FACOG, is a board-certified OB/GYN with 25 years of experience, and has a special expertise in minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgery. In addition to his commitment to Gynecology, Dr. Bolton has dedicated his current practice to Wellness, Anti Aging and Regenerative Health. This new comprehensive approach to healthcare encompasses Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Medical Aesthetics, Weight Management, IV Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Regenerative Health Procedures.

Dr. Bolton offers treatment of Menopausal symptoms in women and Andropause symptoms in men with natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, including pellets, as well as traditional methods. Dr. Bolton has performed nearly 15,000 pellet insertion procedures. He is committed to bringing awareness of these natural treatments to his patients in an effort to end their silent suffering.

Dr. Bolton has been performing Medical Aesthetics procedures such as laser hair removal, Botox and dermal fillers for over 15 years.
By offering treatments with IV therapy, PRP and other regenerative growth factor procedures his goal is to Maximize his patient’s health, wellness, happiness and lifestyle.

“I believe in listening carefully to my patients, asking them questions and then making them comfortable in sharing their answers, concerns and questions. Then together we devise a treatment plan that will fit their individual needs. Most of my patients describe their results from these new therapies as Life Changing.”

Dr. Bolton’s comprehensive practice also offers a complete weight management program that uses a patented oral Serotonin supplement as well as a prescription anti-obesity medication to decrease carbohydrate cravings and the tendency to over eat. This is not a diet, but a weight-loss platform which includes a nutritional program, exercise regime and behavior modification. This medical breakthrough weight-loss program has an outstanding success rate, with the average weight loss of 25 pounds in 12 weeks.

Dr. Bolton is currently affiliated with Tower Health/Reading Hospital and Einstein-Montgomery Hospital.


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Nurse Practitioner Diana Lengel

Diana has been practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) since graduating from Drexel University in 2010 with a Master’s degree in nursing.  She is board-certified as an FNP by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and she maintains an active membership with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

She has an extensive background, including experience in family practice, urgent care, pediatrics, specialty pulmonary/sleep medicine and addiction medicine. Additionally, she has been an adjunct clinical professor for the past three years in DeSales University’s FNP program.  Prior to working as a nurse practitioner, she practiced as an RN for ten years.

Diana believes in treating her patients from a holistic perspective. “By utilizing my education and clinical/analytical knowledge, and balancing that with active listening skills, I believe in treating the whole patient, not just the disease process or presenting issue.”

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